[thelist] stuck using cf4.5? upgrade to cfmx - no to PHP

Andrew andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Thu Jul 17 03:17:05 CDT 2003

>When choosing between an expensive car and a free car, a lot of things
>may be compared and discused, but trying to convince me that the free
>car isn't really free because i must pay for my driving classes is
>nonsensical both because the same can be said about the expensive car
>and because the cost of the free car is still zero. My skills or lack
>thereof must be filed under a whole different concept, imo

Since you have used the analogy of a car here it is plain English.  The Windoze
and CF set-up is simpler to set-up compared to Linux and PHP and then to
maintain thereafter, hmmm.

But are we really talking about building the car?  Or just driving it!

Firstly the cost is significant between the two. So the Win car is expensive and
the Linux Car is free.  But you still need to learn to drive regardless of which
one you are going to drive (you may want to drive both ;))

The point to make is that if you going to drive a 'car' and have to learn anyway
it would make sense to get the free one, that coincidentally has features just
as good as the Win car and as it also happens drives better!

Performance comparisons:
most recent) http://www.kegel.com/nt-linux-benchmarks.html
older) http://www.csu.edu.au/special/auugwww96/proceedings/elson/elson.html

The fact that the average bod wouldn't know how to change the oil of a car let
alone build one is just another reason not to buy the Win Car!  Remember, it was
built in secret and the remains truly hidden under the hood whereas the Linux
car can be opened up and checked out!  With, as it happens mechanics available
globally and almost at anytime of the day, can't say that the Win Car mechanics.

As for the Cars analogy? In my original post I referred about upgrading a
feature of a car, namely PHP.

Interestingly PHP and CF can both be features of either the Win Car or the Linux
Car, so how do they compare? This makes an interesting read:


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