[thelist] Need Mac and IE5x Menu Check plus (revised request).

Kathy E Gill kathy at dotparagon.com
Fri Jul 18 01:26:55 CDT 2003


At 9:24 PM -0700 7/17/03, Pat Meeks wrote:

>Hassan mentioned the bad CSS in the query div...maybe safari is responding
>to that. So, I put the form tags on the outside of the entire head, and then
>got rid of the bad CSS. The heading menu now looks the same across nn7, moz
>1.4, opera7 and ie6, and the html validates also. I just finished uploading
>all the changes.

It still bounces. :-/

So I poked around in the "modern browser" CSS. The first thing I did 
was make the hover and "link" attributes mirror one another -- that 
is, I added the missing "height" to "link" .... and Safari put the 
white space in, permanently.

took it out in both places -- and the white space remained. (huh?)

So I substituted in both a statements :
height : 18 px;
to match the height you spec'd in the td statement.

Now there is no bouncing in Safari. Have no idea what this does to 
other browsers but am guessing that it screws up MSIE due its math on 
the box model and your use of margins and padding. :-/

>I wonder if this solved Safari's jumping problem? If not, it must be that
>100% height thing in the all.css, but I don't know a work-around for that.
>Without it, I can't get the hover to display higher/lower than the link text
>and will have to use a plain hover.

so yes, it seems to be the 100% height statement. FWIW, the hover did 
not "move" the text in MSIE5.2 Mac and I don't remember it moving it 
in NN7, either. The code shows the same margin/padding statement for 
a:link and a:hover -- so what would make it move?

>I'll go back and see if I can set a common height on the logos (thanks for
>the idea). I can always add white space to the logos if needed -- that's a
>quick fix. From there, it should be easier. I'm going to play with that as

you're welcome. kludges are us. :)

good luck!

(btw - I'm new to the group - and plunged right in rather than 
lurking a while when I saw a Mac/CSS problem!)

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