[thelist] is this a virus?

Aaron Holmes aholmes at pureguru.com
Mon Aug 11 14:12:03 CDT 2003

Hi There,

Not sure about it being a virus, but I have had a similar problem in the
past. The cause was identified as spotty electricity supply - frequent
'brownouts' which caused my systems to reboot occassionally. The lights
would also dim at times, which was the clue that solved the mystery. An APC
power backup utility fixed the issue.

Another culprit could be buggy software that you install. A program that has
given me problems in the past is the common 'incredi-mail' package, which on
error would reboot the system and/or blue screen windows 2k.

Because of the problem occuring on 2 seperate machines, I would hesitate to
believe it being a hardware failure. Although I have seen stranger things in
the computer world :)

Best bet is to do a software inventory, see if the computers are running
similar software configurations. If the problem persists and is more
noticable when a particular program is being ran consult the known bugs for
that software package. I think this may be your best bet.

Hope this helps at least a little,

Aaron Holmes
aholmes at pureguru.com
CEO Gurix Web Professionals
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> Hi,
> I was just contacted by my wife at home on our desktop, where she
> states the computer is continuously restarting itself. In the last
> week I had two kinds of 'fatal flaws' or somesuch where the computer
> rebooted itself, and I had no choice in the matter. (Both times
> playing a MMORPG game). This has never happened before.
> IN addition, my in-laws computer which is running off the cable modem
> (we are both linked to a router) apparently is doing the same thing.
> I'm wondering if this is a known virus or if anyone has an idea what
> it could be.
> Thanks
> Tom
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