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Tue Aug 12 04:41:08 CDT 2003

On Monday, August 11, 2003, at 01:11 PM, 
thelist-request at lists.evolt.org wrote:
>> I would like to request a site check for [www.psyndi.com] a 
>> Flash-enabled
>> site with detection and options. Please tell me your thoughts.

Well given that it didn't detect my Flash player, Safari 1.0 on Mac OS 
X 10.2.6, we aren't off to a very good start...

First phrase I see is 'functionality first'; on a flash-only website 
that insists I can't see it when I know I can. Not functional.

Can't resize text.

Can't copy and paste your address into my address book, or your number 
into my autodialer.

Warn me if you are going to open a new window; I don't mind you doing 
it, 'cos I know it's to fix bust back button in Flash, and is okay in a 
portfolio situation, but warn me anyway.

Overall, nice look. But usage of Flash where none is needed bugs the 
hell out of me. Flash for rich applications (booking hotel rooms), 
diagrams, maps, etc. is fine--as long as their is a HTML 
alternative--but just isn't needed here. Nor does it bring anything to 
the party.

Big +1 for tabs within the Flash movie though.

The author William Faulkner once said 'Kill your darlings.'; meaning 
often those things that please you the most are exactly those that are 
too self-indulgent. I'm guessing Flash is your darling, you are too 
close to the wood to see the trees, and thus unaware of just how 
anti-user you are being here.

Content is great, but the medium is *not* the message, the message is 
the message.

Strip the Flash away and let's see it.

Oh wait, you can...

In tiny, barely noticeable text on the home page I have the option of a 
HTML version...

And boy is much better.

Looks the same, nice design. The navigation is dark grey on grey and 
hard to read, but other than that it's still as sweet.

But this time I can get the content. Resize it. Copy and paste.

And I've missed nothing.

I can still see what you do, what services you offer, and how to get in 

And--believe me--I'd be much more inclined to.

Simple solution: drop the Flash version and just go with the HTML, or 
change the emphasis on the first page to make it clear that the flash 
version is available but is second choice for those who accept it's 
failings in this context.

Don't sell yourself or your message short by clouding it in needless 


Andy Warwick
Creed New Media Design
w: http://www.creed.co.uk

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