[thelist] The New Worm - need some help to clean it

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 12 12:12:12 CDT 2003

--- "J.C. Johnson" <lead at offlead.com> wrote:
> Was there something unusual about this particular worm? 

This worm is just like Code Red in many ways, if you remember that.
Apparently its a bit more nasty in that it doesn't simply attack one
site that can be easily blocked, it searches out MS update sites.
There is lots of info now on the web, read Yahoo!'s story on it and
check out Symantec's site for more info. To me it was a pain because
it made it *very* difficult to download the patches you needed. If it
weren't for Zone Alarm, don't think it could have been done.

> But thanks again, Tom, as if you hadn't brought your problem to
> thelist, I wouldn't have known what I was dealing with until I'd 
> wasted MUCH more time on it.

Well glad it did some good!


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