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Kath Kath at cyber-kat.com
Sun Aug 17 09:11:16 CDT 2003

At 10:33 AM 8/16/2003 -0600, Ryan wrote:
>Apache, on your system is not interpeting the PHP code.
>So you either have to try using:
><?php .. ?> instead of the short hand <? ... ?>

Well, it seems to be working correctly with all the other pages I have been
working with so far.  And I tried both <?php .. ?> and <? ... ?>.  That
didn't seem to make any difference.

>if that does'nt work, you have to check Apaches http.conf
>file for extra and erroranous AddType declerations:
>AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml

The closest I could find to an http.conf file is one called httpd.conf in
the apache\conf\directory.  As far as I can tell - not being this
technically skilled <g> - it consists mostly of commented text.  I found a
comment telling me what I could do with an AddType application - but no
actual declaration.

>is the only one you need. Also make sure apache is
>loading the PHP module:
>LoadModule php4_module drive:/path_to_where_/php4apache.dll

As far as I can tell it is loading the PHP module because all the PHP tests
work and the pages I have done this far, have worked.

Is there some other way of testing for this?  Where would I find this
LoadModule php4_module drive:/path_to_where_/php4apache.dll line.

Should that also be in the http.conf file? (which I don't seem to have :-( )

>and Make sure that the php.ini file is easy to find (I put mine in the
>same directory as http.conf).

This is in C:/winnt - which is where the comments in the file say it should

In that file I also found a line that seems to allow the use of both <?php
.. ?> and <? ... ?>

; Enable the PHP scripting language engine under Apache.
engine = On

; Allow the <? tag.  Otherwise, only <?php and <script> tags are recognized.
short_open_tag = On

; Allow ASP-style <% %> tags.
asp_tags = Off
>now, php/apache needs php4ts.dll, I leave that dll in the php directory,
>and create a global-enviro to the path search string.
>You can either do that as a temporary by creating a batch file
>that changes to your work directory, and adds the path.
>or add the path through:
>right click( My Computer) -> propertires -> Advanced -> Enviroment Variables
>choose the system Enviroment,  look for path, choose edit
>and add the path to where PHP resides.

I guess, I should mention that I used PHPDev -->
http://www.firepages.com.au/dev4.htm to set this all up.  My husband and I
tried to do each manually, but it wasn't working out very well - especially
since neither of us knew what we were doing. <g>

Much of what you wrote seems to make sense, but I'm a bit concerned about
making changes to files that don't exactly match what you have described.

Are you at all familiar with the PHPDev set up?  Are there things this
application does incorrectly?

I really appreciate your help - but I'm a complete novice at this.

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