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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Thu Sep 25 11:38:32 CDT 2003

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> Unfortunately, the site I am trying to synchronize has thousands of files,
> in particular one directory which contains about 2500 documents which are
> constantly being added, updated, deleted by the site admins. The reason I
> am looking for an ftp synchronizer is so that I can just do the
> synchronizing automatically, without having to "supervise". My other
> is to just delete the entire site from the remote server and upload it
> fresh, but I am trying to save time and bandwidth. My main goal is to
> uploading files which are already on the remote server, and are the same
> those on the local server.


wget is a port of a unix utility that will do just what you need.


I've used it to synch via ftp hundreds of thousands of files and it worked

Joshua Olson
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