[thelist] kazaa spider????

Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Sun Sep 28 20:08:43 CDT 2003

Hi Bruce,
the adware-free alternative to kazaa is kazaa lite (
http://www.kazaalite.tk ) they state :
Kazaa Lite is not a different program, it's the same program, just
without all the additional software. We don't have any source code of
the program. That makes is almost impossible to make big changes to the
program or add new features. Nevertheless, we did succeed in making big
improvements to the program by modifying some of it's machine-code,
adding plugins and external utilities.

you can ask your question on their forum :

I did a forumwide search on "source code" and nothing interesting came

  Damien COLA

-----Original Message-----
has anyone ever seen an open source client for kazaa, or any information
that could be used to write a client that would access the kazaa
network. i'm interested in writing an app that could crawl/spider across
file sharing networks.

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