[thelist] Oracle Resources

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Mon Oct 6 20:33:14 CDT 2003

rudy wrote:

>>Does Oracle have something like MSDE
>they have a "lite" version and a "personal" version
>i have not tried these yet myself, so if you do, could you please report
>back on which one (if either) is free, and how long it works, and how badly
>it's crippled
As far as I know, you can download any of the Oracle versions -- lite, 
personal, Oracle 9i Release 2, and the application server and none of 
them are crippled. According to my reading of the user license, the 
download versions are for development and learning purposes only and are 
not to be used for commercial purposes. I should warn you that 9i 
database is 3 650 meg ISO's that you need to download.

Here is a great link for learning the basics of using and installing an 
Oracle db


It is designed for a windows platform, but it is very concise and in 
depth and takes you all the way from the installation to creating a full 
java based application.

Good Luck.


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