[thelist] Anybody here using CVS on OS X?

Adrian Simmons adrinux at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 8 08:29:53 CDT 2003

Andy Budd wrote:

> Anybody here using CVS on OS X?
Yes, myself, and I'm sure quite a lot of other people.
I'm just a one man show though, you said 'we' so things might be a 
little more complicated for you, assuming you have more than one person 
working on code.

>  How do people integrate
> it's use in their workflows.
I make changes to my documents and use the terminal to add/remove/commit 
things to my repository. I make a point of adding meaningful log 
messages to provide a record of *why* I added code or made changes - 
this is after spending a whole day earlier in the year working on the 
xhtml/css for an image gallery only to end up concluding that I had it 
right in the first place, and remembering why I'd done it that way! If 
you have more than one developer making good log entries will be even 
more important.

So far I haven't needed to roll back, branch or anything complicated.

> Do people use any GUI's or do you just use 
> the command line only?
Thus far I've been using the command line, but there are tools which 
integrate cvs, like BBEdit and I think Apple's Project Builder. Despite 
the fact that BBEdit does cvs I still find myself using the command 
line, don't really know why.

However I recently came across CVL, which looks like it might provide a 
good GUI, haven't actually installed or used it yet though...

> Any tips or hints about using CVS on Mac OS X would be great.
One really great thing to have is cvsweb, install that on your web 
server and you can browse the cvs tree, read log messages, compare file 
versions etc, very handy.

I also just installed cvs2cl (using fink), which will convert the cvs 
log to a changelog file, might be useful



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