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Marcus Andersson marcan at
Tue Dec 16 07:17:00 CST 2003

What are you using to parse the files? Is it something SAX-based or
DOM-based or something completely different?

If you are a SAX-based parser I guess you just won't get any event for
text inside the tags (you get an event for the start tag and then for
the end tag and nothing in between)

If you're using some DOM implementation it's more or less the same but
instead of not getting events there won't be any text-node childs of the
element you're at.

If you're using something else then I guess something else will happen.
What is common though is that there is no "null". If there isn't any
text-node there just isn't.


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> Hi Gang,
> Another evolter beginning to fiddle about with XML ... (I spent most 
> of yesterday parsing through 27,000+ XML data files.)
> Anyway ... easy question ... 
> How is a null represented in an XML data stream?
> Is it "<ZZZ></ZZZ>"? (No value between the tags - but the tags 
> are in the stream.)
> Or is it ""? (No evidence of a 'ZZZ' element at all.)
> Or are they equivalent?
> <tip type="XML Viewer" author="RonL.">
> The version I've been using isn't particularly stable if you open 
> more than two data files at once, but if you only look at one or 
> two at a time then 'Peter's XML Editor' (freeware I think) and 
> available from tucows seems reasonably decent.
> </tip>
> Thanks,
> RonL.
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