[thelist] Cheating Google?

Mark Groen mark at markgroen.com
Sat Dec 20 11:35:25 CST 2003

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> Raditha Dissanayake wrote:
> > Looks like your client is very keen to get on the google blacklist.
> Is there really such a thing? A black list? Never heard of it before.
> I think this is not going to convince them. :( They say it works...


 "Trying to deceive (spam) our web crawler by means of hidden text,
deceptive cloaking or doorway pages compromises the quality of our
results and degrades the search experience for everyone. We think that's
a bad thing.

....................investigate each report of deceptive practices
thoroughly and take appropriate action when abuse is uncovered. At
minimum, we will use the data from each spam report to improve our site
ranking and filtering algorithms. .............................. In
especially egregious cases, we will remove spammers from our index
immediately, so they do not show up in search results at all. Other
steps will be taken as necessary."

> I'm trying to get armed with facts to show them that's a bad approach,
> I've been trying to find something on Google itself but no luck so
> far...

right from Google themselves, saying they take this stuff seriously and
there isn't any reason to doubt them.




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