[thelist] Browser check

Russell Griechen russgriechen at comcast.net
Mon Jan 26 09:55:48 CST 2004

I have a report that reads:
your website has some problems with overlapping layers.  love the designs
I have been designing for MSIE 5+ and everything is ok on my
browser...version 6
This css 3 column was touted to be cross-browser compliant..
any recommendation for a different model?

Complete css with no tables...3column ...body with left and right 200px
columns absolute  id=content
id=leftnav   id=right
all templates:
index.pht at http://foxhuntingworld.com/index.txt
at http://foxhuntingworld.com/header.txt
please check and give me an overall eval'

Russell Griechen

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