[thelist] Strange Flash behavior - multiple windows

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Wed Jan 28 13:32:18 CST 2004

Hi Gang,

I've got a flash MX movie with a button:

on (press) {

Now I'm in testing mode (Ctr+Enter) at the moment. I click this button and
up comes IE with my page displayed. All is well. 

So I go back and keep testing the button to see it will work. Oddly enough
the results are random at this point. Sometimes with a single click two
browser windows with myURL.com shows up. Other times three, or four windows
with myURL.com. I've had a case where one click of this button brings up SIX
(6) windows! All this is while I'm in testing mode. 

Thankfully only one window appears into the first entry of the flash movie.

Can you explain this odd behavior? I'll except a no response as you don't
have an answer.


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