[thelist] IE 5.0 Mac crashes on displaying form results

Thibaut Allender mailing at capsule.org
Thu Jan 29 11:00:54 CST 2004

on 29/01/2004 17:49, Gary McPherson wrote :

> You're right - and nor would I! Thankfully, I use that machine purely 
> for testing purposes. Must get around to upgrading it sometime...

yep but some users are still forced to use it :(
thanks apple for promoting *only* mac os x and letting mac os 9 die 
slowly, just how many years after ? 2 ? 3 ?

today, mac os 8/9 users are doomed, because their os will soon not be 
supported anymore, and their unique usable browser is already not 
developped anymore.

think different you say ?
if you are able to...

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