[thelist] Strange IE Permission Issue...

joe stowaway at uklinux.net
Sat Jan 31 07:17:35 CST 2004

if you've got SpyBot S&D installed check the immunize section and make 
sure you haven't ticked the box that says "Lock IE control panel against 
opening within IE"?


>>Otherwise, you can do try:
>>Start -> Run -> mmc.exe (loads black MMC)
>>File -> Add/Remove Snapin -> Add button -> Group Policy (focus
>>should be set
>>to Local Policy by default, but you can change this to Domain Group
>>if you want, if you're in a domain). You can then save this as
>>as your own Group Policy MMC Snapin editor
>Ugh what a nightmare. Group Policy is not available as a snapin - am
>I screwed then?

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