[thelist] New search engine system: Eurekster

Mike evolt at muinar.com
Sat Jan 31 03:20:07 CST 2004

At 10:55 30.01.2004 -0800, you wrote:
>send you email updates. But they do tailor advertising based on your search
>results. They're not the first to do that, of course, but they take it to a
>new extreme: by analyzing the data that you provide to them with every
>search -- and the searches of your circle -- they can draw highly educated
>conclusions about you as an individual, not just the generalized assumptions
>others make based on aggragated results.
>     Some won't have a problem with this, preferring highly targetted,
>personalized advertising to a generalized best guess. But others, such as I,
>may conclude that the benefit of this approach falls far more generously to
>eurekster than it does to me.

That's all well said. It touches some basic questions that arise when
using the internet nowadays, as well as using credit cards when traveling,...
you have to be cautious, generally.

But if the search results are less cluttered with useless junk (Google
are getting quite heavily spammed on many search terms), and if there is any
chance that Google won't remain almost the only search engine that people use,
I welcome it.

Google has to start pleasing shareholders now... which might change their
way of business. We don't know when they will reach the point where they
give up things that made it popular among web professionals. You might already
know that shift from substance to effects from other web companies...


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