[thelist] Mail Servers for Windows?

Michael Pemberton evolt at mpember.net.au
Sat Jan 31 18:37:18 CST 2004

Frank wrote:
> I'll soon be setting up a little in-house network with a Apache, an FTP 
> server, and a mail server. Unfortunately it's windows based. I'm happy 
> with Apache, and Serve-U, and I'm currently using Mercury Mail Server 
> with good success.
> I would like to explore my options as far as mail servers go: I want to 
> have server level spam and anti-virus checkers. Can someone recommend a 
> free/inexpensive  mail server that's robust, reliable, that allows me 
> the kind of flexibility I would like... and hopefully doesn't have a 
> hellish learning curve? What do you like?
> It doesn't really need to be enterprise level--just solid.
> Thanks.
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I'm currently using the Mail server from Kerio (www.kerio.com). 
Depending on what antivirus package you use, it will integrate into 
Kerio Mail Server.  I've been running it for about 18 months and have 
had no problems.

It integrates into my Win2k domain and means I didn't have to create 
duplicate accounts etc.  I am very pleased with its performance.

To play the devil's advocate, they are having problems with the 
SpamAssassin module at the moment and this has caused some problems with 
the handling of spam.  This should be fixed in the next/latest version 
(from memory).

Michael Pemberton
evolt at mpember.net.au

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