[thelist] Mail Servers for Windows?

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Sun Feb 1 03:40:04 CST 2004

Frank wrote:
> I'll soon be setting up a little in-house network with a Apache, an
> FTP server, and a mail server. Unfortunately it's windows based. I'm
> happy with Apache, and Serve-U, and I'm currently using Mercury Mail
> Server with good success.   
> I would like to explore my options as far as mail servers go: I want
> to have server level spam and anti-virus checkers. Can someone
> recommend a free/inexpensive  mail server that's robust, reliable,
> that allows me the kind of flexibility I would like... and hopefully
> doesn't have a hellish learning curve? What do you like?    
> It doesn't really need to be enterprise level--just solid.
> Thanks.

This is probably not what you were after, but ...

www.postcast.com is a good, free mail server SMTP for Windows.

[ insert usual I'm not affiliated yada yada here ]

Burhan Khalid

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