[thelist] {CSS} long page only showing one page in print preview

Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Tue Feb 24 22:17:25 CST 2004

Hi there Evolters
I have a CSS conundrum that I need help with:
Many pages* on a site I am completing are long ( > 1 page to print) but 
only 1 page shows in the print preview. When the page is printed, all 
the data prints but something stops the content data displaying 
completely in the print preview. This occurs in IE6, Moz 1.6,  but not 
in Opera 6.03, or 7.11 (all on PC)

The main content is in a container div which is absolutely positioned - 
could this affect it?

Sorry for the vagueness but I am stumped at why this would occur...


Many thanks, Paul Bennett

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