[thelist] How to connect Tomcat 5 and Apache 2.0.48 using mod_jk

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Tue Feb 24 20:35:16 CST 2004

I downloaded Tomcat 5 and installed it and have it working on my laptop. 
I also have Apache 2.0.48 installed and working. However, I can not 
figure out how to get tomcat to work in connection with apache. I have 
been searching the web for the last several hours trying to get this to 
work. (I am also trying to get this work on windows XP, btw)

There is an excellent tutorial over at SitePoint, but it is a year old 
now and was written for Tomcat 4. Therefore, it does not work. I have 
looked at the somewhat cryptic documentation for mod_jk and am even more 

Has anyone been able to successfully connect these two and if so how? 
Please point me to a tutorial or give instruction for what will work.

Thank you,

Chris Johnston

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