[thelist] Tomcat, JBoss, or JRun - which is better for learni ng j2ee?

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Feb 25 11:49:47 CST 2004

Steve Lewis wrote:

> I do not work with JSPs, but with a single servlet 

> Any specific place you are getting hung up?

At the beginning. :-)  Let's say I already have an existing webapp*
that I'd like to try work on in Eclipse. What kind of "project" is
that? How do I bring that into Eclipse's world?

* said webapp being various servlets, JSPs, Beans, utility classes
that set application properties from web.xml or property files or
from the database, Filters, XML and XSLT files, etc., etc.

 > EJBs should work just as well.  JSPs would be another gig, and I do not
 > have the plugin but it looks like someone else can answer your question
 > there. :)

OK, I've just downloaded Lomboz (thanks, Marcus!) but reading the

Right off the get-go this looks bizarre. To debug JSPs, you have to
both change a Tomcat config parameter and *install a patch* to TC?
No, thanks. :-)  I try to keep my development environment as similar
to the deployment environment as possible.

But if Eclipse even helped with debugging servlets, that'd be good.
So if you have tips on setting up a "project" as described above,
they'd be appreciated.

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