[thelist] PHP and anchor link problem

Alvaro Medina incomt65 at hotpop.com
Wed Feb 25 17:14:31 CST 2004

Anyway, I think you should decide between:
-- having the titles list AND full sections pages right there, below the
list, using local anchors;
-- having  just the titles, without the summaries of the sections, and
making each section a separate page;
-- or having just the summaries, not the list, with links on the titles to
the full pages.

I tell you this because, imho, the way you are making it retards navigation.
You should always try to do navigation the most forward possible; a link, a
result. How you are doing it, is a link, another link, and the result.

Well, hope this helps,

Alvaro Medina G.
incomt65 at hotpop.com
Santiago, Chile
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Subject: [thelist] PHP and anchor link problem

> Hello all!
>  I'm having an issue with a page that is supposed to be displaying the
> sections of a library policy manual for the library at which I work. The
> is that the entire manual is databased, and the initial PHP page lists the
> various manuals available. From there, the user can click on a set of
> and get a list of all of the policies that are in that manual, first
listed as a
> set of internal anchors, then the policies themselves. The theory is that
> you click on the section name, you will jump down to the appropriate
section in
> that document. Because the policy manual ID is coming through over the
URL, I'm
> having problems with this. The page that I've set up so far is at
> http://www.mrrl.org/admin/policies.php. It calls the sections.php page
> does what it's supposed to, but then when I click on an internal anchor, I
> the ID variable. Any ideas on how to get around this?? Thanks,
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> Robin Hastings
> robin at rhastings.net
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