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Derek Featherstone webadmin at furtherahead.com
Wed Feb 25 22:42:56 CST 2004

Joshua Olson wrote:
> Probably the cheapest LEGAL way to get CFMX 6.1 is to purchase and/or
> find CF Server 4.5/5.0 (usually people will sell it to you cheap or
> give it to you free as they upgrade away from it) and then buy an
> upgrade from it to CFMX 6.1.  You can buy the upgrade at Macromedia
> for ~$650, or you can go to froogle.com and find it for somewhere
> around $450.

I picked up a copy of ColdFusion 4.0 at a yard sale last year for $1 (Quite
funny actually because the guy was also selling a copy of Corel Linux for
$1.50!!!). Had fully intended on upgrading, but never really needed to. Then
I picked up a client that was with a web host that was running CFMX, so I
thought I was going to finally bite the bullet and fork over the $$$.

Then, I found the Free CFMX Developer Edition. It is fully functional, no
time limit, but is only usable on your own internal network and from one
external IP address. I believe the IP address restriction is based on either
restarting the machine or starting and stopping the CF Service. 

You can get it at: http://macromedia.com/software/coldfusion/trial/
"ColdFusion MX 6.1 Developer Edition is a perpetual license with complete
functional capabilities but is limited for low volume non-production

Obviously you can't use this for a production machine, but for development
to be uploaded to an external server later, or for learning purposes, you
just can't beat it. Its not my preferred development language, but when the
requirement comes up, its nice to be able to be properly equipped!

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