[thelist] tips on avoiding "bcc"ing to avoid being a spammer

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Wed Feb 25 23:14:05 CST 2004

At 08:59 PM 2/25/2004, Gabriel Vasquez wrote:
>Actually, where I work we send mass-mailings from time to time and we find
>that Hotmail and Yahoo, among a few others, do indeed take our mail as spam
>because we have all of the addresses in the BCC field.

Make sure you reduce the number of BCCs to less than 50. If you are mass 
mailing you should either send one email per client (with which you can add 
informational headers/footer to help the user remove themselves from the 
list) or bundle email addresses together by domain. If you decide to bundle 
make sure you bundle in amounts of 50 or less. AOL, MSN & Yahoo all count 
the number of recipients and will toss your mail if it exceeds their 
threshold.  We've found that 50 works pretty good.

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