[thelist] BUG: Broken Value Attribute for BUTTON Element in IE5+

James Aylard evolt at pixelwright.com
Mon May 3 01:31:18 CDT 2004


Ken Schaefer wrote:
> According to the MS documentation, the "innerText" value is submitted
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/?url=/workshop/author/dhtml/reference/ob
> jects/button.asp?frame=true
> This apparently has been the behaviour since IE v4, so there may be
> reasons
> why this is the case (I don't know what they are - I can ask around if you
> want).

The original Microsoft documentation circa IE 4 (and possibly IE 5, I can't
recall for certain) reflected the behavior specified in the W3C HTML 4.01
recommendation. Subsequently, Microsoft altered its documentation to reflect
actual behavior in IE, which has existed since IE 4.

Personally, I am extremely curious why Microsoft never implemented the value
attribute properly, and seems to have simply accommodated broken behavior
(my perception). It makes the button element far less usable than it would
have been otherwise. Please do ask around, if you would. Thanks.

James Aylard

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