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Tue May 4 22:25:22 CDT 2004

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Subject: [thelist] Odd popup/DIV window

> I'm having an odd issue with some kind of pop-up. I saw it happen a
> few times before I began using my HOSTS file to block ads.
> - I don't think I've seen it in FireFox.

It should happen in any browser if the windows hosts file is
responsible it would seem. curious - why not use the Google popup
blocker or the Firefox one? They both work really well and you don't
have to keep going back to C:\Windows.

> This seems to happen almost once a day and is getting very
> Has anyone seen these windows - and do you know how to prevent
> Even better - how do you get rid of them w/o rebooting?
> I don't believe this is a virus/worm. I've run all the
> spybots/adware/winPatrol utilities, etc and nothing comes up.

May seem obvious to me because I use all the keyboard shortcuts, but
have you tried Alt F4 on that yet? Unless the window is freezing a
process in your vxd, that key combo should close it.




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