[thelist] Site Check in IE5win

Simon Perry thelist at si-designs.co.uk
Wed May 5 10:06:11 CDT 2004

Adrian Simmons wrote:

> I really need a screenshot of these two urls in IE5win, site works 
> well in everything else it needs to, but I hear reports of breakage in 
> IE5win (now there's a suprise).
> http://contemplationspace.co.uk/
> http://contemplationspace.co.uk/structures.php
> Sorry for asking for a site check, but I've done a few in my time so I 
> figure I have some site-check karma built up...


AFAICT the index page is being hit by IE5.xs' broken box model resulting 
in the "Designer's Profile" link and image getting pushed down a row on 
the index page, also the images are not clickable.

IE5.01 also has issue with your horizontal menu on the inner pages where 
it helpfully ignores your formatting and merges everything into one word 
"Home <index.php>StructuresLandscape <landscape.php>Furniture 
<furniture.php>Profile <designer.php>Contact". <contact.php>


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