[thelist] When the mix of visual appearance and meaning goes really bad

Manuel González Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Thu May 6 08:51:09 CDT 2004


i want to comment on Matthew Thomas' 'When semantic markup goes bad'

Basically, i think his main thesis is plain wrong

These aren’t exhaustive lists, but as you can see, some reasons for
using bold and italics don’t have their own semantic HTML elements. This
is why b and i exist</cite>

No, that's not why b and i exist. That's why span exists. 

The way i see it, if you need an new html element that is not available,
you use 'span+appropiate identifier' 

If you need a <vector> element, you compensate for the lack of it with
<span class="vector">R2</span> and then style it to bold. 

If you want to quote something on a foreign language and want it to
appear in italics, you don't (as MPT proposes) mark it up as <i>mi mama
me mima</i>, you mark it up with <span class="foreign" lang="es">mi mama
me mima</span> and then style it to your liking

If you have some time to read his post and comment on it, i'd really
appreciate it :-)

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