[thelist] When the mix of visual appearance and meaning goes really bad

joe stowaway at uklinux.net
Thu May 6 16:07:34 CDT 2004

Hi Manuel

I think I'm largely with you on this.

I think the correct semantic mark-up for using text in foreign languages 
ought _really_ to be:

She has a <pretentious>/je ne sais quoi/</pretentious> about her

If you're using foreign text as a rhetorically understood part of a 
sentence just for the sake of it, all you are likely to need to mark it 
up are ascii codes for special characters. If you want to follow the 
standard of italicising the text, you ought to use <em> because if you 
were saying it out loud you would emphasise the words to draw attention 
to your bogus erudition, as in "Pretentious, <em>Moi?</em>"...

Regarding the special cases such as taxonomical names and vectors, I'm 
soon beginning a project which will require scientific notation and 
equations that actually look like fractions, and not like "v = d/t". I'm 
hoping to find a variation on xml (MathML?) for the data, but still not 
sure exactly how to present it to a browser...

Any suggestions welcome?


Manuel Gonza'lez Noriega wrote:

>If you need a <vector> element, you compensate for the lack of it with
><span class="vector">R2</span> and then style it to bold. 
>If you want to quote something on a foreign language and want it to
>appear in italics, you don't (as MPT proposes) mark it up as <i>mi mama
>me mima</i>, you mark it up with <span class="foreign" lang="es">mi mama
>me mima</span> and then style it to your liking
>If you have some time to read his post and comment on it, i'd really
>appreciate it :-)

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