[thelist] Outlook feature that can bite back

Geoff Sheridan evolt at premonition.co.uk
Thu May 6 11:25:34 CDT 2004

>She had obviously tried to use the email's subject as a method of 
>keeping notes.  As more and more people are using email as a legal 
>document, can anyone explain an advantage to this feature of 
>modifying an email *after* it has been recieved from another party?

I dunno - maybe they put a rubbish subject like "Re:  " and you want 
to be able to recognise "Directions to Pub" next time you scan 
through your inbox.
I use Eudora which lets me edit received mail however I like.

Back at you. What would be the point of trying to *stop* users 
modifying mail after it has been received?
Eudora stores my email as plain text files which I could always edit 
using BBEdit or similar.


Premonition Design Ltd
East London, UK

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