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Kath kath at cyber-kat.com
Fri May 7 17:33:20 CDT 2004

At 01:27 PM 5/7/2004, you wrote:
>However, just out of curiosity, why can't you just say that there are
>languages such as PHP and CF and ASP and JSP that were created specficially
>to develop web applications.

I've already told them this, but their Lotus Notes consultant has done a 
good job of convincing them that it can also do the job.

> > their outside consultant is a Notes/Domino developer.
>But their full time employee is an experienced web developer!

Ah - but their full time employee is mostly an HTML/CSS guru who knows a 
little ASP and a little PHP.  Unfortunately, I don't know enough to do all 
the security levels that they will need.  All of the ASP I know is getting 
information out of a database and onto a web page.

>BTW, the transition from ASP to PHP is not that hard.  It is well documented
>and there are plenty of places to get help.  Plus it is free, not an MS
>product which your boss will like, and can run on most common webservers.

I'm in the process of learning PHP, but I don't know enough to develop the 

>Plus, experience as a domino developer isn't really going to help you
>getting web design postions all that much down the road.  Perhaps you can
>get a job as a domino developer, though.

Well, I always figure that learning and knowledge is never a waste of 
time.  I've found that learning one thing often opens a door to something else.

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