[thelist] google and other search engines

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Sun May 9 09:43:41 CDT 2004

David T-G wrote:
> 2) You know, not everyone likes or even *has* flash.  All you're doing is
> excluding possible customers of your customer(s).  Don't do that.

I have to disagree a bit.

It is true that not everyone likes flash - but it is also true that 
there are many, who like it very much, and keep their plug ins up to 
date. If these people are a sites target audience, it would be foolish 
not to use flash on that site.

Of course the opposite applies too: if a site's target audience has 
considerable amount of those who dislike flash, then flash shouldn't be 
used, or at least alternatives should be provided.

We have to remember that with flash we can do many things that would be 
difficult or impossible otherwise. But as any good tool, flash too is 
not the right choice for every situation.


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