[thelist] Stream Media files saved to Temporary Internet Files?

Glen Burnett evolt at inception.co.nz
Mon May 17 20:45:34 CDT 2004

Hi, does anyone know whether it's possible to stream video from a Web Server
without the stream being saved to the users temporary internet files?  We're
looking at providing videos in Windows Media Player and QuickTime formats.
My understanding is that you can't do true streaming unless the files sit on
a proper Streaming Media Server, on a web server it just downloads to the
users temporary internet files and plays at the same time.  Is this correct?
I realise a Media Server is better for streaming for a variety of reasons
but we're just trialling having videos on the site and don't want to have to
go to the hassle of setting up hosting on a proper Media Server right now,
but our music licensing arrangement prevents us from allowing users to save
the file to their hard drive.

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