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Javed Alam jalam at cc.ysu.edu
Tue May 18 21:34:05 CDT 2004


I agree with you.

I am  new to Macromedia Flash.  I was trying to create a simple 
presentation just to see the how easy it would be to create basic slides 
with attached sound. Their documentation provides very basic examples 
and the reference manual assume that some one is already familair with 
the inner workings of the program. They do have very good examples for 
selling the program and the source code is available to look at. 
However, they lack documentation for intermediate level users.

Here is the presentation I created, nothing fancy but it does have a 
layout, components, fading text and tts sound to enulate a powerpoint 
with sound attachmnet.


You can view the source by clicking at view source at the bootm.



Marcus Andersson wrote:

> Javed Alam wrote:
>> How about Laszosystems from
>> http://www.laszlosystems.com
>> javed
>> Marcus Andersson wrote:
>>> Thomas Klepl wrote:
>>>> Just thought I'd mention for those that don't know about it - 
>>>> Macromedia has
>>>> a new product called Flex which is basically an XML language and 
>>>> serverside
>>>> software for creating flash pieces. It does not require using the 
>>>> Flash IDE
>>>> and is targeted at programmers. The bad part is that it's very 
>>>> expensive
>>>> (for now anyway..I think they will have to drop the price by a lot 
>>>> to get
>>>> people to use it)
>>>> http://www.macromedia.com/software/flex/
>>>> Tom
>>> Yep, know about Flex and don't want to use Flex. What I want is 
>>> something that is similar to Flex (or XAML) but is interpreted at 
>>> runtime in the Flash player. This gives me the ability to deploy it 
>>> on any server and also to write applications without the Flash IDE. 
>>> I've built something similar in IE with Javascript/CSS/XML/XSLT and 
>>> it works splendid (apart from being a memory hog) and now I want to 
>>> try the concept in Flash to get it to more users (and platforms) and 
>>> also, hopefully, more useful in terms of performance.
>>> /Marcus
> This is a better alternative than Flex. But I can't really how much 
> since I'm not able to penetrate the marketing BS on their site. They 
> fall into the same trap as many others. Just doing talk appealing to 
> the non-techies and none to the techies (there's a list of features 
> but it doesn't go in depth so they could've skipped it altogether as 
> far as I'm concerned).
> Some of it seems good but I don't think they come all the way with 
> other stuff and there is nothing I can do about it since it's not open 
> source (I guess anyway since the Express Edition starts at 1900$ and 
> they don't even say what the enterprise edition costs).
> /Marcus
> ps. I'm also doing this to learn the inner workings of Flash so it's 
> not as much fun to take an out-of-the-box solution.


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