[thelist] tutorial for Apache / WAMP / LAMP for a total newbie

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Fri May 21 08:54:30 CDT 2004

I've been wanting to learn some Apache for a while now, since pretty 
much all the development I do goes on an Apache server. But I know next 
to nothing about servers, unix, linux, etc. Can someone recommend a 
good, easy to follow tutorial or book about Apache? I was looking into 
/Apache for Dummies/, but it appears to be quite out of date (on Amazon: 

Actually, I'd really like to go for the gusto, so maybe WAMP or even 
LAMP would be the way to go?

I'd prefer something free, but I'm willing to go buy a book if it is 
highly recommended. No matter what, it has to be totally easy to 
understand for someone at my level of familiarity (none). I've found 
that all the information I've found online has been too 
advanced/technical for me.



Sarah Sweeney
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http://sarah.designshift.com     web development, programming, etc

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