[thelist] Re: consulting fees

russ at unrealisticexpectations.com russ at unrealisticexpectations.com
Mon Jun 14 16:06:09 CDT 2004

> Just make sure that if you do something on the side for free or paid, your 
> place of employment knows about it in advanced and gives you written 
> to perform the work. Also the authorization needs to specify whether or not 
you can
> use the company's computers and software after your "on-the-clock" time 
unless you
> will be doing this at home.
> When you do start free-lancing, get everything in writing upfront.

Ouch.  I don't mean to offend, but I've got to disagree with the above very 
wholeheartedly.  I *DO* think you need to know what's in your employment 
agreement and I *DO* think you need to be honest with any of your clients and I 
*DO* think that you need to be ethical in not working for your company's 
clients, however...

I don't think it's their business if you're doing anything on the side--paid or 
unpaid--as long as it's not a conflict of interest.  It's certainly not your 
employer's business if you decide to create a blog site, etc. and while that 
may not be what the intent of the above reply was, it's a fine line.  It's also 
to your employer's benefit if you are further practicing and extending your 

I realize that this could very much turn into one of those "I think, I think" 
situations, so let me reiterate that you should be *very* aware of what your 
employment agreement states and what is legal in your state before you make any 
bold jumps.  In any instance, I would certainly avoid using any company 
resources at all.  AT ALL.

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