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Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 16 09:44:53 CDT 2004

On Wednesday, June 16, 2004, at 03:02 AM, 
thelist-request at lists.evolt.org wrote:
> There's no such thing as "the going rate"! There will be a range of 
> prices
> for similar services, here in the UK anything from 10 pounds per hour 
> to 25
> or so for simple web development. But then again, could they get a 
> templated
> solution for less? If so, you may have to compete with that, or 
> motivate
> them to hire you for the extra service they will get.

I would have to compete also with all the students in my area. There is 
a major university, a community college with a web design program, a 
few high schools with web design academies, a famous photography school 
and a couple other colleges and adult education programs to compete 

Recently I judged a high school web design competition for some 
students in a web design academy and one of the competitors actually 
created a web site listing his consulting fees: $100 bucks for a web 
site. I made sure to tell him to remove that for one thing and charge 
way way more for another, just to ensure that all of us can still 
continue to make a living. He was quite good, too, which made me 
further adamant about that!

> Have a look at off-the-shelf template solutions for them? That may 
> well be
> their best bet, depending on their requirments. You may want to do an
> initial consultation/research with them for e.g. $100 - $200 ...

Thanks for that suggestion. That's kinda what I thought they would 
need, especially so they wouldn't have to keep paying somebody to 
update it. I like the idea of the consultation and research. I think a 
lot of small organizations don't really know what their true options 

>> can use. I know because I was once on the giving end of that and I was
>> not comfortable with it at all.
> That's a pity you have that on your conscience. Sounds like one worth
> cleaning up if you can still find the person.

That would be nice to do. Just let me say that if mentally ill people 
tell you that the people who treat them are conspiring against them, 
don't discount what they are saying. It's likely to be true. And if 
those same mentally ill people's treatment team say their bosses 
conspire against them, believe it.

> David.
> -- 
Don't be afraid to try something new. An amateur built the ark. 
Professionals built the Titanic. -unknown

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