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Mr. Tenuta dtportnoy at videotron.ca
Thu Jun 17 08:09:11 CDT 2004

Heya John,

The example I used was in php not Javascript. I see what you mean thought,
the e-mails are viewable in the source the way I did it, but that was a
simple example. Like your Perl script in php you can easily set e-mail
addresses in the action script without it showing in the source code and you
could also make functions to check valid e-mail formats using the eregi()

I haven't really looked into Perl alot but it looks quite similar to PHP. I
thought php was an improvement on Perl? Don't know much abuot Perl though.
Here's how an e-mail format validation function would look like in PHP:

function mailNotValid($email)
)$", $email))
  return true;
  return false;
// in this case it returns true if mail format isn't valid.

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> > Can anyone point me to a article/tutorials on how to make a form mail
> > function that has a multiple selections , the users would selec which
> > department to send their mail to.
> >
> > Anyone know of a rticle/tutorial like that?
> >
> > Kind Regards
> Lawrence gave you a good example of the kind of JavaScript you would use
> the client end. I have gone a step further and provided an accompanying
> emailer script to use with it, to avoid having to encode email addresses
> the client side. You could just use the names of your departments in the
> <option> tags and not worry about spam harvesters picking up the
> (I don't know if they do that yet outside of mailto: tags, but I figure if
> it's technically possible, it's only a matter of time.)
> The script and lots of explanation is at
> http://www.shoestringcms.com/personal/codelib/. My contact page on the
> site uses it, so you can view the source of that for the client-side
> example.
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