[thelist] thunderbird question

Mike evolt at muinar.com
Mon Jul 5 04:09:13 CDT 2004

At 19:02 03.07.2004 +1000, you wrote:
>Damien COLA wrote:
>>I've had norton antivirus automatically deleting an email or attachement
>>with a virus, and i couldn't retrieve any email from my inbox.
>>Does this means only one file hold all emails information and that the
>>rest is lost if norton deleted the file because of one virus in one mail
>It is possible.  It has happened to me.  The best thing to do is turn on 
>POP3 scanning in Norton and tell it to ignore the folder that contains 
>your Thunderbird Profile.

Does thunderbird store emails in a huge binary file like Outlook,
or are they stored in text files, like Eudora (separate text files
for each folder)?

Tnx   :)

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