[thelist] CSS + DIVS vs Tables

mike stevens mikesteven at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 12:42:44 CDT 2004


Get used to having problems with IE and CSS.... there are so many. 
What you want to do can be accomplished but wont be easy... at least
the first time. You'll spend most of that time working out
cross-browser issues but once you do it'll be better... promise.  I
posted a link to css articles on alistapart.com earlier today but
here's a good one for what you're trying to do.


It doesn't cover everything but will help you with your wrapping
problem and give you a pretty good head start on the rest.

On Thu, 08 Jul 2004 03:00:16 +1000, Michael Pemberton
<evolt at mpember.net.au> wrote:
> After my first site check for a client, someone suggested that I look at
> replacing the table-based layout with a DIV/CSS one.  Since the client's
> site was just a small page designed as a "parking" page, I haven't
> bothered wasting their time with a redesign.
> That said, I am in the process of rebuilding my private intranet around
> a base layout.  Until now, it has also been table-based and a pain to
> administer the various sections and code.
> So, my question is, is it possible to obtain a standards-compliant,
> DIV-based, CSS coded layout that has the following features:
>         - A header row with two sections. (50/50%)
>         - A left-hand column for navigation between sites
>           (fixed width of 200px)
>         - A centered column for page content
>           (minimum width of 360px)
>         - A right-hand column for navigation within sites
>           (fixed width of 200px)
>         - A footer row with three sections. (40/20/40%)
> I have played with the code for a week or so, and am still finding
> problems with IE.  I have found many sites that say I need to look at
> the "float" property to get the required look.  But IE keeps randomly
> wrapping the right hand column to beneath my left-hand column.
> I am also not sure about the float option allowing me to make sure that
> the content section is never overlapped by my navigation panels.
> To see what I currently have (a screen capture is all I can post
> publicly), here's a link:
> http://www.michaelpemberton.net/intranet.png
> Thanks to all for past and future help.
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> Michael Pemberton
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