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Aleksey A. Samuleenkov lesha at lesha.ru
Fri Jul 23 07:37:43 CDT 2004

<param name="index" value="container.swf?path=index.swf" />
This won't work in IE, because there is no parameter "index".

Other browsers (and I suppose IE on other platforms) don't use params at 
all. Only <param name="movie" value="url" /> is good for defining url in 
IE for Windows.

Chris Price wrote:

> Aleksey
> The only difference between my code and yours is that I'm using a container
> movie with a query, i.e. "container.swf?path=index.swf"
> This is to make the movie stream rather than wait for the whole movie to
> load.
> In the first frame of the movie is the instruction:
> _root.loadMovie(_root.path,0);
> I am relying on other people on Windows to tell me this is not working
> because it looks fine to me on my Mac. And I've done a search for "Flash
> Satay" which is the method I'm using and there are no indications that it
> shouldn't work. Its doing my head in.
> --
> Chris Price

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