[thelist] Help help help - Flash

Chris Price chris.price at choctaw.co.uk
Fri Jul 23 08:48:59 CDT 2004


You have hit on the core of my problems, the param name.

It was so obvious but I couldn't see it and it explains why it worked for
everyone else.

The thing that has been highlighted for me in my research is the problem
with <object> in IE and its implications with regard to standards,
particularly with XHTML2 on the horizon.

Thanks very much - you've made my day.

Chris Price

On 23/7/04 1:37 pm, "Aleksey A. Samuleenkov" <lesha at lesha.ru> wrote:

> <param name="index" value="container.swf?path=index.swf" />
> This won't work in IE, because there is no parameter "index".

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