SV: [thelist] Protect update in webapplication

Andreas Wahlin Andreas.Wahlin at
Tue Sep 14 09:09:31 CDT 2004

<If you must, you must. You can also just send an email to all the users
the system that it'll be down for "system maintenance" from X:XX to Y:YY
that everyone should get off the system during that time. Once the lock
disappears, make your changes. And/or make your upgrades on the weekend
no one uses it.>

Ah, so that file should disappear when no one is in? I got confused cus
I hade the lockfile constantly since the thing started (and I know it's
not used that much) but now the site was rebooted and the lockfile is

<Alternatively, if you're in an international company, Friday at 5pm +
is the
best time. Europe is asleep and Australia/Asia is on Saturday
morning/afternoon. >

Quite local, but thanks it's a good tip!

I might as well give a little tip then

<tip type="Tabbed browsing" author="Andreas Wahlin">
My favourite tabbbed browsing plugin for FireFox isn't on the "main
pages", but reached through
It's a bit heavyweight but it's got all the stuff I want.
Make sure you DON'T have the "Restore tab session, on next startup of
crash" ticked, it's the one major slow down.

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