[thelist] JS debugging tip

James Denholm-Price j.denholmprice at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 06:16:35 CDT 2004

Hi all,

Just debugging a bit of :hover emulation for IE (a la HTML Dog's
excellent Suckerfish menus [1]) and stumbled upon a very helpful

<tip type="JavaScript debugging" author="James Denholm-Price">
When debugging JavaScript CSS className manipulation use
Mozilla/Firefox and Chris Pederick's "Web Developer Extensions" to
watch the class name change live in the page (just enable
Information:Display ID and Class details in the Extensions.)

Since I'm using three classes with the News items on
<http://www.kingston.ac.uk/maths/> it's rather neat to see them change
as you hover and click on the page (hopefully self-explanatory and as
working as expected...)


PS: Comments on the site welcomed off list, but I'm not really seeking
feedback yet as what you see is the old, stuffy (thanks Andy!) layout
;-) However if the JavaScript doesn't work then please do let me know!

[1] <http://www.htmldog.com/articles/suckerfish/dropdowns/>

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