[thelist] Filter: flipH

Web Designers evolt.list at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 13:07:30 CDT 2004

I'm trying to layout a page with the H1 element formatted so as to
have the font mirrored.

Using a table element produces a fudge:

<h1><table style="filter: fliph">In the mirror</table></h1>

Ideally, though I want to introduce it so that works in a similar way to this:
<h1><div onmouseover="this.style.fontStyle='italic'"
onmouseout="this.style.fontStyle='normal'">Click and hold your mouse
here to make this text italic.</div></h1>

Obviously, I'm trying to make it so the text appears mirrored on load
and then the correct way around on mouseover.

Any ideas?

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