[thelist] Any Firefox experts? (updating firefox)

evolt.sarahwbs at xoxy.net evolt.sarahwbs at xoxy.net
Tue Sep 28 09:58:12 CDT 2004

> I'm running 0.9x of Firefox. I want to upgrade to 1.0. The last time I upgraded all my extensions
> and add ons got blown to heck. I know I can export/import my bookmarks, but how do I keep the rest
> of my configurations without having to redo everything?


When you install 1.0PR, your extensions will all be automatically 
disabled. Then the first time you start it up, it will offer to check 
for updates of your extensions (although you may have to go searching 
for any not listed on the official Mozilla Update site). All of my 
extensions have now been updated to be compatible with 1.0PR; I can't 
promise all the extensions you use will also be updated, but I'd say 
there's a pretty good chance they have.

I definitely found the upgrade to 1.0PR to be the least painful upgrade 
so far. (The only thing you have to do first is move/rename/delete the 
Firefox folder in your Program Files.



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