[thelist] RE: Threadwatch.org Site Review

Nick Wilson nick at stylesheet.org
Tue Oct 26 09:56:35 CDT 2004

* and then ANDREA STREIGHT declared....
> 1. "less noise, more signal" I wish all sites and blogs were less noise. 
> Good tagline, but slightly vague, requires interpretation for some users 
> probably.

There is usually (when there is no important site news) a "what is
threadwatch.org" post sticky at top of homepage ;-)

> 2. No "About Us" page: hmmmm. Always helps to have at least a brief 
> explanation of who you are. Did I miss it?

Ahh man! - i did some rearranging yesterday and neglected to put it back
in lol! - will fix today!

> 3. Contact Us could be a little more upfront. Man, I shoulda had some coffee 
> first.


> 6. needs credentials, prestige, credibility enhancement

the about page adds some to that. Danny sullivan of
searchenginewatch.com and Barry Schwartz of seroundtable.com and Aaron
Wall of seobook.com all did lovely writeups on thereadwatch.org when it
launched a few weeks ago. As did Kim Krause at cre8asiteforums.com they
are all quoted in the /about/praise section..

> 7. tremendously on target topics: SEO and blogs, SEO and wikis, SEO and file 
> type variety...YES.

Yup, the enire ethos of threadwatch is to cut to the good stuff as fast
as possible.

> 8. I tried to add a comment to the file variety thread, did you change site 
> as I operated it?, got that "Oooops. Access Denied" message requiring me to 
> register. Why not have a direct link to registration?

that's the trouble with cms's no matter what they claim you just cant
control everything :( however, i did put a link on the access denied
page to the registration i think...

> 9. I never register unless site gives full explanation of benefits and 
> privacy policy. See consumerwebwatch site for details. My Vaspers the Great 

Damn good point. Privacy policy will be worked upon. And the benefits of
membership will be added to the registration page, thanks, i never would
have thought of that ;-)

> 10. No "back to home page" or "back to thread" or "back to where you were" 
> button. IMHO user should never have to use Browser Back Button to navigate a 
> site. Site navigation must be complete.

I'll definately look into that, needs a 'back to op' aswell IMO

> 11. Why do you have "SEO Discussion" link with post links (log in, register, 
> post comment, etc.) at end of each thread?

again, cms limitations. seo discussion is the category the post is in,
when logged in you have 'send pm', 'email page' , 'subscribe' etc etc..

> Overall, design is simple, almost bleak, yet very readable. Nice logo. Thank 
> God it's not that horrible trendy tiny type that requires a microscope to 
> view, so popular by all the design gurus.

Thanks, that was the aim, i want nothing to detract from the contnt ;-)

thanks for the critique, and to those others I've not replied to
personally, all great food for thought!

Nick W

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