[thelist] What is you favorite web font?

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Tue Oct 26 13:23:22 CDT 2004

Chris Johnston wrote:
> What is your favorite font for standard text for a website?

My favorite still is Verdana, especially after realizing, that while 
bold Verdana in bigger sizes starts looking horrible, 
font-weight:normal; looks good all the way. So now my headings are often 
normal weight Verdana, instead of bold Arial/Helvetica that I used before.

Jen Spadafora wrote on 2004-10-26 19:09:
> On the not a holy war note, I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on 
> when they use fixed vs relative sizes for fonts. I find myself forced to 
> use fixed at work, and choosing to use relative on other projects.

What I do nowadays is first:

body { font-size:75%; }

and then I use all EMs, not only on font-size, but also on positioning. 
This way, if the user changes their text size setting, also the text 
containers scale. Sometimes I use this for some images, like logos too - 
this doesn't always give nice results though.


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