[thelist] RE: exploded.org site review BUR

partyarmy partyarmy at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 18:26:39 CDT 2004

> partyARMY:
> 1. take the tour: still don't know what an "exploded" CSS or CMS or whatever
> is. [I do know what SEO and LOL are tho}
the tour still needs some work. know anybody?

CMS stands for 'content management system'. a tool to create websites.
in the configuration i have it on exploded.org, it's a community site
with blogs and galleries, etc..., but it could easily become an online
store or news/magazine site with a new module and a few new template
pages. documentation on the system is coming. later.

> 2. T&C: has your legal department okayed this? Was that box "pre-checked"?
yah yah, my mom said it was all good. "just no boobs, there's too many
boobs on the internet", but i don't care, i'm gonna show boobs.

> 3. You need to get to work and drum up more content, contact info, better
> explanations, more clarity.
words are hard. :(

content for the help section? not sure what you mean. the content will
hopefully come from the users. right now the userbase is fairly small,
but one day.
> 4. Great logo banner thing at top of site. I've always been scared of dolls
> and doll heads. Have you seen the doll art over at Lazarus Corporation avant
> art site? Link to it from Art Test Explosion.
thanks. i'm not a very graphically inclined person, but i thought i
did a pretty nice job on the overall appearence. lots of things still
to fix though.
> 5. Not much to say cuz not much there yet. Am I the third person to
> register? Evybody gots to start sumvare.
you are number 11 currently in the database. umm, but only like 6 are
real people so far. i'm starting right here. :)
> 6. Very user friendly, good attitude, hipster dipster.
> 7. I'll write yer content for shampoo and fingernail clumpsters.

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